Wirth Motor Company builds paintings of vehicles. All makes & models. New or Old. Fast or Slow. Polished or Demolished. Good or Bad.
Take a look around at our “used lot” of cars, trucks, motorbikes, and more. If you like what you see, submit your own vehicle today!
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Each WMC ORIGINAL ($395) measures 17”x17”x2”, hand built from birch panel and pine, and is framed in 1 ¾” white pine that’s sanded down smooth like an instrument. Strong enough to survive a tumble down the stairs and safe enough for the dog to lick (though we don’t recommend either.) On top of the frame, we hand paint the vehicle’s year & model name (or we’ll paint your vehicle’s nickname if you prefer!) The painting arrives to you ready to unwrap and hang immediately.
Each PRINT ($125) is a professionally framed archival print that’s available to you anytime after you own a WMC Original (for friends, family, yourself, etc.) The frame is 100% solid wood and measures 15”x 15x 1 ¼ ”. You have the choice between Cherry or Coffee color. The mat is 100% virgin alpha-cellulose, lignin and acid-free, fade and bleed resistant. The printing paper used is heavy, acid-free, velvet smooth, archival paper professionally mounted behind acid-free acrylic (Plexi-glass). It arrives ready to hang.
For price quotes on custom projects and multiple orders, feel free to contact us.
Shipping is free.

ORIGINAL – $395 (WMC Original Painting)

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FRAMED PRINT- $125 (Available after ownership of a WMC Original)

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Submit Your Vehicle!

  1. Send us your info! Include any descriptions or requests that you’d like to appear in the painting (location, season, animals, weather, signs, etc.) You may also submit any text/dedication for the backside. For multiple images, feel free email us directly.
  2. Once we receive your submission, we’ll email our current shop schedule of when you can expect to see an image of the completed painting (usually 6-8 weeks) although we may be able to accommodate any urgent deadline you have. (Just ask!)
  3. Once we have all your matierals, we’ll email you an invoice allowing you to pay via PayPal, credit card, or personal check. And then we roll it in the shop!

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Where did the idea of Wirth Motor Company come from?

I wanted to paint things for people. Automobiles represent a combination of freedom and control that interest me. We’re a lot like cars and trucks ourselves. We can be clumsy and graceful. Careless or cautious. We stop, we go, we explore, we bump in to stuff. Some of us speed toward things, and others idle quietly.

Why square paintings?

Henry Ford once said, “people can have the Model T in any color – so long as it’s black.” Wirth Motor Company shares that stubborn spirit. However, if something like a big grain truck or limousine is submitted, we’ll build a rectangle. The Motor Company is pragmatic too.

Why are the vehicles always painted in profile?

It’s the best way to distinguish the car, kind of like a mugshot. It’s really the most basic and rudimentary way to depict something. I like that.

Describe your process.

I just paint the car, which is as primitive as it sounds. In the end, the criteria is really based on the object as a whole rather than just the depiction – so the excitement really happens when a client receives their painting, handles it, and investigates the front & back, the frame, etc.

The paintings aren’t photo-realistic, what are they?

They’re real objects. If you watch a man paint a fence, you’ll see him spill on the grass and rocks below. He may spill on his boots and curse. He may paint over some hinges. His hands will get dirty. We value that primitive nature of work and the misery & joy of trying to force a raw material like paint to resemble something. So the paintings aren’t “perfect”, they’re something much better. They’re real objects.

How long does it take you to paint a car?

Time always varies. Some vehicles come along quickly and then others are a struggle. There’s no golden rule.


About the artist:

Tim Wirth grew up on a farm in rural Iowa with two older brothers, a younger sister, and a dog named “Boots” who survived rat poison and dodged many speeding trucks on gravel roads.

Wirth began studying art at Buena Vista University in Storm Lake, Iowa and then continued at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia where he received his MFA in painting. His studio and workshop are currently located in the flat lands of northern Iowa.